Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy clarifies your privacy right at STup! regarding storage, sharing and protection of your personal data. This applies to all websites, services, tools, and other processing of data related to STup!. It is important for us to protect you personal data. The Privacy Policy should therefore reflect how we intend to interact with you in a protected manner.

The Privacy Policy describes our purpose for gathering your personal data, our processing of your personal data, your rights regarding your personal data, and lastly our use of cookies on our websites. When you give us your consent for collecting and processing your personal data, you also accept this Privacy Policy as stated in the consent statement.

If you withdraw your consent, we are bound to delete all your personal data from our archives. If you would like to:

  • withdraw your consent with us,
  • be informed of the personal data we store,
  • make an objection to our processing of your personal data,
  • delete, alter or update any of your personal data,

You can simply contact us.

Download the Privacy Policy.