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STup! 2024 judges and speakers

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Alexander Bernhard

Co-founder, Managing Director at Impact Hub Stuttgart

The Impact Hub Stuttgart is an ecosystem for sustainable innovations and a community that is entrepreneurial and future-oriented. Together we develop, test, and realize visions for a responsible and sustainable future.
Impact Hub Stuttgart,

Arjan Goudsblom

Director and Co-founder at Preneurz.Amsterdam

Preneurz was founded on the belief that universities are vital players in entrepreneurial ecosystems, both as a learning environment and as a breeding ground for nascent entrepreneurs. In international programs they partner with economic development agencies, governments, and universities to build in-house capacities at universities, connecting them to both local and international entrepreneurial ecosystems. Their projects in the Netherlands focus on connecting academic knowledge hubs to SME’s, resulting in a more prepared workforce, new employment opportunities, and future growth.

Catherine Ogilvie

Strategic Marketing Advisor at Silicon Castles

Silicon Castles is a Strategic Business Accelerator for technology intellectual property (IP) licensing businesses with a focus on European Diamonds (technology startups with scalable technology and outstanding intellectual property). Once a year Silicon Castles organizes the Startup Executive Academy (SEA), which is an international and exclusive Go-to-market program for early-stage startup founders and executives to accelerate their business and inspire growth.
Silicon Castles,

Tamas Szeker

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

iScale HUB is a London-based global consulting firm specializing in innovation management services, accompanied by engineering and legal solutions to support its clients. The team quickly learned that, in addition to growth support, most businesses also needed assistance with legal, accounting, and prototyping – therefore strong partnerships and an internal team were built in these fields to respond to the various needs of our clients. Now, iScale Hub provides support in these verticals to a global clientele across multiple industries with a variety of business profiles such as tech businesses, universities, governments and mid-sized corporations.
iScale HUB,
United Kingdom

Kristina Ćorić

Project Manager at HdM Startup Center

The HdM Startup Center is a dynamic hub of entrepreneurship and innovation located at the Hochschule der Medien (Stuttgart Media University) in Stuttgart, Germany. It provides entrepreneurs in the media industry with a range of resources, mentorship, and support to help turn their ideas into successful ventures. Through its incubation program, coaching services, workshops, and industry collaborations, the center fosters creativity, collaboration, and business growth. It serves as a catalyst for the next generation of media entrepreneurs, shaping the future of the industry and inspiring innovation.
HdM Startup Center,

Iva Rakocevic

Principal at Kavedon Kapital

Kavedon Kapital is a Venture Capital firm whose entire ethos and philosophy are designed around Circular Economics. Everyone in Kavedon Kapital, Investors, Founders, and Management Team alike, has the responsibility to build a venture model for tomorrow, today. Kavedon is an outcome-focused fund, with mutually aligned interests in the short and long term, which means everybody gains from the generated prosperity without sacrificing their unique interest.
Kavedon Kapital,

Gergo Gulyas

Head of Operations and Strategic Partnerships

The fund aims to fill a gap that has long existed for Hungarian startups, propelling them towards success in global markets. Instead of adhering to a traditional Venture Capital model, OUVC has adopted a hybrid approach, blending the principles of Venture Capital and Venture Studio. This approach stems from the observation that while most university-backed concepts are strong in technological and technical focus, they often lack in business development and entrepreneurship.
OUVC - Venture Capital & Venture Studio,

Konstantin Mirin

CEO at Postindustria

With a major in AI, Konstantin has been leading innovative technology teams and achieving outstanding results since 2010. Starting in Ukraine, he has built and sold several businesses and is focused on global technological innovation leveraging talent from Colombia, Croatia, and Ukraine. Throughout his career, he has always been giving back with mentorship and knowledge sharing in 8 countries to date. This empowered dozens of startup founders and tech entrepreneurs to launch and scale their businesses

Károly Szántó

Director of Venture Studio

Károly Szántó is an experienced professional in venture capital, venture studios, and startup acceleration. He has co-founded startups and played pivotal roles in various business development and executive positions.
OUVC - Venture Capital & Venture Studio,